Jun 01

Zumba Monday!

Zumba is back at Doxford Park every Monday! It has been a flow of bank holiday’s recently and on and off classes. Now we are back. Let’s get back into the swing of zumba and in shape for summer.

New routines.
If you have missed for a while we have new routines, always offering you a fun and exciting class.

New participants.
Lots of newbies have been joining us recently. If you are new or haven’t been for a while, come along and join in. You will be made to feel very welcome. Just bring along a bottle of water and put those trainers on.

Zumba is every Monday 8pm at Doxford Park Community Centre.

Here is a sample routine that is slightly different in class with my own adaptions but just as fun! I love this instructor he is fab!

Mar 30

Bringing you the best music!

Yes.. whats new? A great new track from the fantastic fun Megan Trainor. It has a great upbeat jive feel to the track. Come along and have fun and workout at the same time. Monday 8pm Doxford Park Community Centre

Feb 24

New Zumba tracks!

Yes Zumba is giving us lots of great choreography and lots of motivational music.  Here are two of the new ones on my playlist!
(starts at 0:37)

Monday 8pm Doxford Park
Tuesday 7pm Raich Carter

Jan 05


Are you ready to go? Let’s do it!  2015 is the year for YOU!  Why not try new things and get back into fitness this year with me.

Monday 8pm Zumba at Doxford Park returns TONIGHT!

It will be familiar routines so you can get straight back into fitness and work hard.  Your Zumba Fitness is going to give the Fitness a big kick this year.  Expect a good workout with the same fun moves but some sneaky fitness elements that will help increase your fitness and help you lose those inches.

Two things I want to mention!

1.  Do not hold back from attending if you feel uncomfortable with yourself.  We all feel the same and its the best place to be.

2.  Do not hold back from attending for fear of lack of co-ordination.  It is dance fitness.  It is fun and you are there to enjoy yourself and workout.  No one is looking at YOU.  Just me, and Yes, I get it wrong too.


Come along and have a go!

Dec 16

Timetable 2014 /2015

Thank you to all my customers for another great year!  I truly appreciate all who have supported my sessions moving over to Doxford Park and your continued loyalty.  Have a great holiday and come back in 2015!

I will be continuing to teach many AQUA ZUMBA classes over the holiday so if you fancy your Zumba fun but in water then I promise a great workout.

Here is the timetable for the end of the year… I will be posting a timetable for 2015 shortly with ALL sessions that I am running.


Class Timetable 2

Dec 02

Home workout!

As promised I have now uploaded video’s to YOUTUBE!  I have added a warm up choreography and will be adding more for you to put together to workout at home.  Keep watching for more video’s and subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see them straight away.  Please click ‘like’ on the youtube video if you would like to see more of this kind of video and I will get to work.



Nov 25


Another class added to your options.  Along with Tuesday Raich Carter Spin at 11.15 there is another class to choose from.

Wednesday 9.30am Raich Carter

Senior Spin.

Lower intensity, easier paced to great tracks!  Good for mobility and cardio work.  If you want to push harder you can add more resistance or make it tougher.

Join me tomorrow for more SPINNING!


Nov 13

New Spinning & Metafit

Yes!  New sessions starting now!

Spinning and metafit are both some of the most effective and intense workouts out there! Many can shy away from these due to age or injury. But anyone can join in and become fitter and have fun with the new session I have.


11.15am Tuesdays – Raich Carter Centre

Designed for the older active adult.  Spinning on a stationary bike with great music and lots of fun.  This session will improve cardio fitness and also help get the joins and muscles moving.  Its a great alternative to those who struggle with impact.  Mild cycle has shown to help the joints in the knee and it will certainly improve the muscles in your legs which will always help your knees!


9.15am Friday’s -Fulwell Day centre

Metafit is an interval training session that lasts 30 minutes.  Using the Metafit product this session last 45 minutes with a longer lower intensity warm up with the same regular exercises or the option of adapted exercises (lower impact).  Many of the men and women who come along to this class have seen a great improvement in fitness.  Many who started were able to complete a squat but now have advanced to squat jumps!  My youngest customer is 23 and my oldest is 82. This is for anyone who wants to improve fitness. ONLY £1.50

Feel free to ask any questions.  Give me a call or text on 07903553680 or email me at sarahnaylorfitness@gmail.com



Oct 14

Zumba Gold

New Zumba Gold session at Fulwell Day Centre.

Wednesday 11am. £1.50 per class.

Zumba Gold is for active older adults who are looking for modified Zumba. Maybe your regular Zumba class is too high impact and the changes are too quick? Zumba Gold is for you with all the same benefits as Zumba!

Come along and try it out!

Oct 12

What’s New!

Its been so long since I update my blog here at Sarah Naylor Fitness. I do promise I have been very busy hard at work.
First I have some great exciting things coming for 2015 and I am working hard to get this up and running ready for the new year. In the meantime I have also been busy making video’s for Youtube.

I have a few added over the weeks but at the moment only one choreography for home. The other routines I have added are of Aqua routines.

I will be adding more and more over the next few months along with various blogs about fitness, clothes and answering questions YOU HAVE! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and LIKE the videos to have them in your Youtube news feed.

Here is a new video that you might want to try to work those legs!

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