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Oct 12

What’s New!

Its been so long since I update my blog here at Sarah Naylor Fitness. I do promise I have been very busy hard at work. First I have some great exciting things coming for 2015 and I am working hard to get this up and running ready for the new year. In the meantime I …

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Aug 01

August! Changing Goals.

Its here already, over half way through 2014.  I can’t believe it!  Its so easy to make those plans to get fit and attain goals but life and INJURIES can get in the way.  But don’t look back, look forward and make smaller steps to achieve your goals.  Feeling fat and then eating lots of cake …

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Health is a very broad subject and means many different things to different people.  What about you?  Is health about taking each day and making it through?  Accomplishing basic daily chores?  Having a good day without aches and pains.  Managing medication and activities?  Health may mean a higher level of fitness and achieving new goals.

Health is always going to be linked to our genes and what we have inherited and also by the things we do and the environment we live in.

What can you do?


Our bodies can survive to an extent even if we don’ feed it well or drink enough.  Yet the outcome of this will be evident in our health.  I see many people complain one day of tiredness and then the next day post a picture on the internet of the takeaways and alcohol they are drinking, regularly!  We may be dehydrated.  We may be malnourished.  We have all heard the saying, ‘we are what we eat’.  What do you eat and what does it produce in you?  Eating a diet high in sugar or processed food will not give us good results, or good health.  Yet our bodies will take away whatever we put in and use it to keep us alive.  This may mean though that if you have a health issue or an injury you will not get well if you don’t put the right food into your body as quickly as someone who is feeding themselves right!  A good idea is to make a food diary.  No time?  Take pictures!  Yes, every time you eat take a picture of it. After a week see what you are eating.   I recently spent a few days away with a friend and realised that I needed to eat much more regularly that they did which is good but I also noted how much more I was eating and perhaps needed to keep an account of my calories and make better choices.


Again a very broad subject.  Fitness to some maybe to manage to lift themselves out of a chair.  To others it maybe to run a marathon or lift heavy weights.  What is important is setting goals and having a range of activities that will always push you to achieve more and have a varied workout.  This may mean carrying the shopping and walking home instead of catching the bus.  Or try to lift yourself out of a chair without resting your hands on the chair or on your legs so your entire body weight is lifted by your legs.  It could be hills sprints instead of running on a flat course that you have ran many times before.  Or trying to run outside instead of on a treadmill.  Maybe trying a new type of fitness class that you have never tried before and see how your body adapts.

We have a wealth of information available on the internet all we have to do is look for it and we will find recipes and exercise ideas to move us forward.

Keep fit and keep healthy!

See you soon.



Jun 30

Class Cancellation

Unfortunately I have decided ZUMBA GOLD at Fulwell Day Centre on Wednesday will be CANCELLED with effect of this week 30th June 2014. As many of you are aware the class will not continue due to changes at the venue and I can no longer hire the room for the session and justify the costs. I want to …

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Jun 23


Zumba continues on MONDAY at 8pm – 9pm every week at Doxford Community Centre. (OLD LIBRARY NEXT TO MORRISONS). It is an hour long session for only £4.  Every level of fitness is welcome to join in.  It is a cardio workout that can be as intense as you want.  It also includes more toning …

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Jun 12

Class Changes with effect 16th June 2014

Unfortunately due to low numbers WEDNESDAY ZUMBA @ Doxford Park will be cancelled with immediate effect. All other classes continue the same at the moment.  Any further changes will be notified here first! Enjoy the sun! Sarah x

May 03

Its May!


Its May already.  Now the spring is here its time to take action for the upcoming warmer months and summer holidays.  After hiding away over the winter in baggy and warm clothes its now when the effort is required to get back into eating healthy and exercising regularly.  Once the weather becomes kinder its a great opportunity to get …

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Apr 14

Week Commencing 14th April 2014

Don’t forget NO ZUMBA on Monday 14th April 2014!  Family Zumba Wednesday 6pm.  Come along with or without children!  Its fitness fun for all the family.  Your usual zumba fitness with kids fitness thrown in. After the success of last week –  ALL AGES WELCOME!  Please remember to carefully supervise all children especially those who …

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Apr 05

Kids Fitness & Class Timetable

Its the school holidays! Its family fitness  for the next two weeks. What’s happening? Monday 7th April – Zumba Fitness AS USUAL @ DOXFORD PARK 7.45pm Monday 7th & 14th April  Kids Fun & Fitness 11.40am Hetton Community Pool  - A 50 minute session for children to exercise, do circuits and play games.  Includes skipping …

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Mar 17


Don’t forget your new session start TONIGHT at Doxford Park community centre. Like me I hope you are all excited. Classes: Monday 7.45pm  & Wednesday 6pm At: Doxford park community centre. Directions: Enter the car park from the roundabout  to go to morrisons.  Turn immediate right and you will see a small building.   Park …

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