May 09

Zumba Online & Studio Classes

Hi Everyone!


Thanks for visiting my website.  An update on what’s happening.  Unfortunately I have made the decision to cancel my online classes next week.  Anyone who has booked will receive a refund.

Class return on the 17th May!



9.30am Aqua Zumba – Hetton (Everyone Active)

11am Zumba – Houghton (Everyone Active)

5.45pm Spin – Everlast Sunderland


9.30am Zumba – JD sports Sunderland

11.15am Aqua Zumba – Hetton (Everyone Active)


10:30am Zumba Gold – Raich Carter (Everyone Active)


11.15am Aqua Zumba – Hetton (Everyone Active)


I hope you can join me with classes and look forward to see you all soon.


Apr 26

Let’s get back in shape

img-19-01-2021_15_15_35.299-2897Thanks for visiting my site.  As the lockdown in England is coming to and end we hope to see the start of classes appearing in our fitness venues.  But what about now?  Why not start now and get yourself into the groove.  Zumba on Zoom provides you with a safe socially distance way to workout You can join the class with the video on or off!  Giving you time to get back into fitness before everyone else.

If dance fitness isn’t what your looking for then have you considered personal training.  I offer personal 1-1 or 1-2 sessions for you to build your fitness and tailor your diet to give you great results.  Message me for more information.

If you are interested in booking online click here to book.




Mar 06

Join me for PARTY ZUMBA 7pm 26 March

Party Zumba!

Friday 26th March 7pm onwards



As a thank you for the last year lets have a party class!  If you have booked 3 classes with me in March you can join for FREE!

Get your dancing shoes on, dress up or not… grab a glass of fizzy and lets party.

All your favourite Zumba dances and music.  A relaxed setting with breaks… don’t worry you wont dance for 90 min.

Lots of sparkly lights and entertainment.

Message me to be added to the list on 07903553680 or book your place for £4



Feb 02

Keep Going!

February is here and we are all spending time at home keeping safe.  It can be difficult to feel motivated to exercise.  It has been proven that if you enjoy you’re exercise you will continue with it. Zumba has the music, the dancing and all the fun!  When you’re dancing and shaking and following the steps you’re burning up to 500 calories an hour.  Why not give it a go? It’s only £2.50 for 1 hour. The online classes are joined by all different ages of ladies and men.

Classes available to book.

Tuesday 6.30pm

Thursday and Saturday 9.30am

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Jan 19

Join me for Online ZUMBA in your home.

Book now to join us in Zumba Fitness at home. All you need is the zoom app.

Click here to book.

Its a fun way to work out and burn calories. Get the whole family to join in.

1 hour class is £2.50 What you waiting for?

Jan 02

Let it snow Zumba!

I am back! Classes are now available to book online. Tuesday is now 6.30pm. Saturday and Thursday continues at 9.30am.

I have missed you all and I have missed Zumba. Its now January and my advice, take each day at a time. No pressure, just fun and laughter. I have been working on new routines, energetic and full of fun. All we need is music, dancing and smiles. Join me by booking your place now.

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Nov 11

Coping in lockdown

My 3 tips to cope in lockdown

How are you managing in lockdown part 2?  They say the second movie to a blockbuster first is never as good.  Is this lockdown for you a struggle or are you more prepared?

It is difficult for all of us no matter what our circumstances.  So how can you cope?

We are all different and we all have different ways to cope.

What I have found helpful.

Routine.  Lockdown 1 was a shock.  No work, homeschooling and restrictions.  Routine wasn’t easy.  This time around I am working hard to keep a schedule of sorts in place.

Exercise.  Along with the above tip, routine of an exercise plan can help you remain positive.  For me this can be a weight training session in my living room or a good cardio blast on a bike.  But a walk in a park with a social distanced friend can be physically and mentally good for your health.  Writing down your plan and marking of your achievements can help.

Taking each day at a time.  I have thought this all through lockdown.  Always telling me children the same. Why worry about tomorrow?  Some things that are out of our control are not for us to worry about.  If you are feeling really stressed out then take out a pen and paper and write down your worries.  Then, write down things you can do to make improvements. If they are out of your control then accept you need to do what you can to cope.

I am no expert and sometimes we need extra help from family members or professionals.  Remember to talk to someone if you do find things to difficult to cope.




I can offer you classes now to book for next week.  I hope you can join me. Classes available to book now click HERE! 
Monday 7pm (only next week, class will return to Tuesday)

Thursday 9.30am

Saturday 9.30am

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Thank you for all your support as always and we look forward to being back in the studio soon!


See you soon!


Nov 02

November Classes Online

I can’t believe it! November 2020 and we are back in lockdown. If like me you need your exercise, your escape and tunes to make you move and jump around then join me over the next month for online ZUMBA!

Classes continue online and available for you to book now.

Tuesday 7pm
Saturday 9.30am
and from the 12th November Thursday 9.30am

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Book your place and 1 hour before the class codes are sent via email for you to join. All you need to do is download the Zoom app (no registration required) and click the link in the email. You can have your video off or on, whatever you prefer. Make a space and wear comfortable clothes to workout. You can do as much as as little as you want.

Look forward to seeing you soon online.

Sep 21

Workout AT Home!

Yes! Join me in your kitchen from my kitchen via Zoom.

Fitness classes every Tuesday and Saturday. Zumba Fitness live streamed.

All you need is to download Zoom, book the class and I email you your code to join in the fun.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram Sarah Naylor Fitness.

Book now!

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Sep 14

September Classes to Book!

More classes are now available for you to book during September! Why not book a session and give it a try. I promise it will lift your spirits and give you a good workout. Don’t forget to tell your friends so they can join in.

Last week the ladies enjoyed our social distanced and sanitised Hula-Cize and all went away with the new skill of basic hula hooping. If you want to come along it is Wednesday at 9.30 Barnes Park. Book now

Other available classes

Wednesday 6pm & Friday 9.30am (Back house park)

Online Zumba
Tuesday 7pm and Saturday 9.30am (via Zoom)

If you want to join any of the classes please click the link to book.

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Personal Training.

I am also a qualified Personal Trainer. I can offer services in outdoor spaces or your own home. Personal training is more than a group exercise session. It allows me to provide you with your own unique personal fitness session to achieve your individual goals. This can also be shared with a friend or partner so save on costs. Please email me for more information.

Thank you for supporting all my sessions allowing me to continue to teach during this difficult time. I always love to teach and would have missed it so much.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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